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QUESTION: What do the “World’s Smallest Adult Lady,” the “World’s Smallest Collegiate Cheerleader,” the “World’s Smallest Driver” and the “World’s Greatest Athlete” have in common?  

ANSWER:  They are brother/sister MOPDII Primordial Dwarfs BRIDGETTE AND BRADLEY JORDAN - The “Worlds Smallest Siblings”, undisputedly two of THE most extraordinary human beings on Earth.
Bridgette (Bri) Jordan, who weighs only 19 pounds at age 22, stands a diminutive-beyond-belief height of 27.2”, about the size of a 6 month old baby, while younger brother Bradley (Brad), 20 weighs only 35 pounds and stands just 37” tall.
“Primordial Dwarfs” or “PD’s,” are the very smallest human beings on Earth. Although there are purportedly 200 types of dwarfism, Primordial Dwarfs are the smallest.  Adult weights typically range from 20-40 pounds with heights generally ranging from Bri’s 27” to 42.” The term “primordial” generally means these children stop growing in utero and remain tiny throughout their lives.  At birth these children weigh 2-4 pounds yet are often as strong as any fully formed full term infant.
Human curiosity being what it is, one of the more common questions average people have upon meeting Primordial Dwarfs is “How long do they live?”  The popular myth has been only to age 30 though this is far from true since recent medical achievements have miraculously extended the lifespan of these remarkable children to that of any average person – now it is believed they may well live a full life comparable to that of any average adult.
Tiny size alone is utterly misleading when speaking of Bri and Brad, both whom possess incredible athleticism, a stunning sense of self-confidence and huge, happy spirits, thanks to the remarkable influence of mother Christy, a Registered Nurse, and the many friends and relatives who support these young adults in their tiny southern Illinois village.  

In truth, nothing about Bridgette and Brad do is "average" since their tiny size alone makes what are common tasks to average-stature individuals, truly extraordinary.  The world is certain to be inspired by these incredible young adults who somehow transcend what might seem the limitations created by their tiny stature, fearlessly going forth into a world Bridgette and Brad see as a world of huge possibilities and a bright future!



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